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Copper Chef Wok 30 Cm

AED 149.00

Copper Chef 12" Non-Stick Oven-Safe Wok

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Copper Chef's copper-coloured Ceramic-Tech coating means that nothing sticks to your pan. Stir fry without any additional oil or fat to create fresh, healthier meals. The Copper Chef Wok is heatproof to an incredible 450?C/850?F and designed to cope with the high temperatures experienced during stir fry cooking. Features an aluminium core which provides excellent thermal conductivity to get the wok up to temperature fast. Clean-up is a breeze; your wok just wipes clean. Alternatively, Copper Chef Wok is dishwasher safe. We recommend you do not use extra virgin olive oil or sprays on the Copper Chef Range as this could impact the product's non-stick properties.