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Copper Crisper XL Size

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Copper Chef Copper Crisper Non-Stick Oven Baking Tray with Crisping Basket, 2 Piece Set

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Elevated mesh crisping basket allows super-heated air to pass through and circulate a full 360° around the food ensuring it's cooked evenly Non-stick coating ensures no food sticks to the surface which means no more tough stains or burnt messes No need to turn or flip your food - Copper Crisper is convenient and hassle-free Oven tray catches any grease, drippings or crumbs to keep your oven clean and protected No need to use any additional oils or fats, and grease drips away for healthier cooking Versatile and easy to use - Oven-Tray can be used separately when not in use as part of Copper Crisper and Mesh Basket can be used with a grill Easy-grip handles for easy transportation; Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.