Scouting out for the finest and most durable as well as affordable pan might seem like a challenge. Most of the products out there in the market these days claim to offer all the possible qualities of the most efficient pans. And so, it becomes a lot harder to decide which brand to trust and what product to buy. Well, the search is over! If you are looking for a healthy and easy cooking experience using cookwares offering versatile and durable qualities along with lifetime guarantee, then the Copper Chef Round and Square Pans are your one-stop solutions. With this pair of pans in your kitchen, you can cook hassle-free as both possess qualities that allow for a new revolutionary way of cooking healthy and delicious food.
Did you know that over one million pairs of these versatile pans from the house of Copper Chef have already been sold! And it’s no wonder, as the marvelous duo feature plenty of common attributes that help chefs worldwide whip up delicious treats right in the comfort of their own home. Here’s why they are so popular:
• Non-Stick Cooking
Every Copper Chef product is layered with PTFE and PFOA free Ceramic-Tech coating which makes it non-sticky. This feature helps in minimizing the usage of oil and butter, making cooking as healthy as possible.
• Stainless Steel Induction
The stainless steel induction plate makes sure to equalize heat distribution and increase the temperature fast without leaving any hotspots.
• Heat Resistance
One of the best parts about Copper Chef frying pans is that it is oven safe and heat resistant up to 850F.
• Pan Set
Both the square-shaped and round-shaped pan is known for its innovative design which provides more space to cook. Fitted with an easy grip handle, this cookware also comes along with a glass lid which makes it easier to cook without losing heat as well as helps monitor the cooking.
• Lifetime Warranty
Copper Chef guarantees to provide a lifetime warranty for all its products and also provides a return policy option.
While some prefer the traditional round-shape over square pans, both the Copper Chef Frying Pans have been structured with advanced features and materials to satisfy your expectations of an ideal pan. Quality food demands not only the use of good ingredients but also high-quality cookwares. With Copper Chef quality pans, anything from fluffy omelets and pancakes to pizzas and sautéed vegetables can all be whipped up without much fuss. Struggling with cleaning cookwares after a deep-fry or a failed experimental cooking day are long over with the Copper Chef pans in your kitchen. The non-stick coating easily helps do away with any remaining food without having to over-scrub.
We’re sure you’ve had those days where, especially while cooking a larger portion, some parts are overcooked while the others remain undercooked. This issue can be completely solved with the use of the Copper Chef pans providing even heat distribution, all thanks to the built-in stainless steel induction plate. The highly-durable construction of the Copper Chef pans are made up of five layers of high-grade, eco-friendly materials layered one over the other, provides even heat distribution and effective non- sticky surfaces, making it among the top-ranking pans. The minimal use of oil and the firm handle grip of these round and square pans add to the strength and durability. You can also monitor the progress of the food being cooked easily via the transparent glass lid which comes along with the package.
The Copper Chef Round and Square pans come as a separate single set, making it an ideal gifting option as well. The copper-colored smooth finish of these pans retains its gorgeous appearance and will surely make a fine addition to your kitchen cookware collection. Reliability is what Copper Chef is widely known for as they never compromise on the quality and performance of the products. Their kitchenware is highly recommended by chefs who have experienced its worth and stand firmly by their genuineness. This versatile range of frying pans is a must-try for a fulfilling cooking experience. So what are you waiting for, click on the link below to get your hands on the latest addition for your flawless kitchen collection.